Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi

Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi is Hussainiya’s Resident Aalim. He was born in Kuwait and grew up across the Middle East, namely, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Coming from a family of respected scholars, Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi is the son of Ayatullah Sayed Taqi Almodarresi

Sayed began his Islamic studies after he received his diploma, and studied in the Hawza seminaries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Sayed has also studied, taught and conducted numerous lessons on the great tome Nahj Al Balagha. Due to his extensive studies in Iran, travels throughout the Islamic world, and his subsequent residence in Aotearoa New Zealand, he speaks Farsi and English to a very high degree, next to his native language of Arabic. This makes him a highly versatile scholar, who is able to communicate naturally with people of different ethnicities and faiths.

Furthermore, Sayed used to run a radio program called Al Huda in Iran and is also an established author, who has published a number of books and articles, including the book, So We Don’t Die In Despair لكي لا نموت باليأس

Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi has been a member of our community for a long time since he arrived in New Zealand and has given countless lectures that have benefitted our community dearly. He also represented our community when the March 15th attacks happened last year by speaking on National TV on behalf of our Hussainiya.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Sayed had a 31 part series during the month of Ramadan. Every night, he presented a lecture on the topic of The Maxims of Imam Ali (a.s.) live on the IAFONZ Facebook page.

We are honored to have Sayed Mohammad Almodarresi as our Resident Aalim and InshAllah our community will prosper under his leadership.