In the name of Allah, most beneficent, most merciful.

Respected guests, Sayed Modarresi, Reverend Sarah Leah, Inspector Chris Barry, Hon. Simeon Brown, Mr. Roushan Nahuria, Ms. Sharon Stewart and my dear fellow Kiwi brothers and sisters, Assalam Aleykum, Peace be upon you all.

Firstly, I would like to offer our condolences to the families of all victims of Friday, 15/03. Our hearts goes out to you in this tough time. We will never be able to realize the pain of losing your loved ones, you are going through, but we assure you that as your fellow New Zealanders we will do everything possible to support you and help ease that pain.

Today, we marked one week since that horrific and unimaginable act of terror was brought upon our beautiful, God’s Own Country, New Zealand, which we all proudly call “Home”. We hope and we pray to God, The Almighty that this never happens again specially on our shores or anywhere around the world.
We all should play our part in spreading love, compassion and understanding among our communities. Because surely only through love and supporting each other we will move towards a better world for our generations to come.

I take this opportunity to also thank and acknowledge all our emergency response teams, specially, New Zealand Police, St. Johns Ambulance staff, all medical professionals and all government officials for their swift actions in handling this unimaginable crisis especially in Christchurch and around the country.

Thank you everyone, for your overwhelming love and immense support, it will go a long way for the affected families.

Please accept my sincere apologies that I am not physically present among you tonight for this vigil. Currently I am on ground in Christchurch, playing my small role to support the affected families. Yes, I was in Christchurch when this unfortunate incident unfolded.

In the end, I thank you, from bottom of my heart, for your honorable presence in tonight’s vigil.

Kia Kaha Christchurch
Kia Kaha Aotearoa

President’s Statement – Candlelit Vigil for Victims Of Christchurch Terror Attack