The Imam Ali Knowledge Foundation began operating in Auckland, New Zealand in 2008 with a small body of volunteers. Since our establishment, we have held regular courses and workshops for special events, held weekly classes, started a madrasah with innovative new methods of teaching Islamic studies, published Islamic content on the internet, held international competitions aimed at promoting self-knowledge and self-development, provided training to teachers and established a network of international cooperation. We are a small but active community united by a passion for the profound teachings of the Ahlul Bayt.

The objective of the Imam Ali Knowledge Foundation is to revive the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt in the minds and hearts of individuals. As the era we are living in becomes increasingly materialistic in its orientation, it becomes imperative to respond to the spiritual challenges of the times in new and creative ways. The fountains of knowledge and wisdom that were opened by the Ahlul Bayt must be allowed to flow into the receptive hearts of the 21st Century, just as they could flow into the hearts of people in centuries past. In our fast-paced information age, this means making full use of the communication and multimedia technology of the day to make religious knowledge available to all who are driven to seek it. We want to make the wisdom of traditional religious teachings apparent in a fast-paced world where rituals are becoming empty of meaning because people have lost their ability to connect with them. Inspired by a certain hadith of Imam Ali (as), we aim to increase self-knowledge and insight into the nature of the world. By spreading knowledge and strengthening community bonds, we are dedicated to empowering Muslims with the confidence, wisdom and determination to strive to their full human potential.